facilitated by JMT Executive Directors

Fabio Garcia & John Mejia

featuring John C. Maxwell's 


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Wednesday, September 13th

8:00 PM EST/5:00 PM PST


Only 150 Spots Available 

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Sep 13, 2017, 8:00 PM
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Are you ready to reach your full potential? If so, please accept our personal invitation to an exclusive, free Mastermind Group to make the second half of 2017 the best half! During this 4-week, in-depth process, we’ll mastermind on John Maxwell’s book, Becoming a Person of Influence

Fabio Garcia

John Mejia

Fabio, originally from Colombia, and his life it's all about intentionality, growth, and persistence and he brings that into his coaching, training and speaking engagements. He currently is the CEO of Pinnacle Performance Team and owner of M.D.R Fitness. Fabio is also a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, a credential that has open the doors for him to deliver consulting and coaching on leadership principles to many different organizations in the United States and other countries.

 John is a Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer with The John Maxwell Team and prior to joining Pinnacle Performance Team as the V.P. Marketing, he spent over 15 years in Corporate America leveraging people, processes, and technology to drive upward the Organization's performance, profitability, revenues, and Shareholder Value. Also, making sure the daily cycle is running smoothly in the operations/sales/marketing sides of the company. 

Thousands of John Maxwell Team Members are utilizing the power of masterminds to impact their lives and the lives of others. Experience what leaders in personal growth have known for years: the power of masterminding with like-minded people. John Maxwell Team Faculty member Fabio Garcia, and Executive Director, John Mejia, will assist up to 150 participants in reaching their potential with their upcoming Mastermind on John’s best-selling book, Becoming a Person of Influence.  

Every week for four weeks the participants gather for a world-class 30-minute teaching based on John’s content, followed by a 30-minute question and answer session to maximize understanding. 

Give growth your best so you can become your best! Become a part of one of the leading methods in the development industry and join our mastermind today! 

Space is limited, so be sure to claim your spot before they run out!

What people are saying about JMT Masterminds:


"Mastermind groups and individual coaching sessions have helped me in ways that almost seem impossible to express."

- Nichole Dreighton

I registered because I was looking for a set of like-minded people who understand the success journey and were willing to share their stories so we could grow together.

I benefited from a symbiotic relationship where I was able to share transformational moments in my life and received guidance for steps I was apprehensive about. I recommend it wholeheartedly because it's the perfect environment to celebrate success and be open about apprehensions without being judged." 


- Tishauna Mullings

"I used to lack direction. I did know my purpose but was disillusioned about my success. All of that changed when I found the John Maxwell Team.


I took charge of my life. I now know where I want to go and make things happen. My communication and leadership skills have improved. I am clear focused and determined to release my potential!" 


- Kevron Sutton